Harbins Farm

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Need Milk?

(Pet Consumption Only Per Georgia law)*

Need Eggs?

Want Farm Fresh Eggs Every Month?

Join our Harbins Farm Community Egg Subscription. 

How does the egg subscription work? 

For only $20 a month, we will reserve 4 dozen eggs for you at a discounted rate. SAVE over 20%!

Pay with CASHAPP on the first of every month.

If you are interested, please contact: Cynthiabkaye@gmail.com

Get To Know Us

We're excited to share with you our passion-project for sustainable farming and all-natural produce.  Our family-owned Farm began in 2019, with our sweet coup of chickens, and with the encouragement of our farming neighbors (Harbins Holler), grew to a haven of chickens, roosters, goats, and a vibrant garden. 

Our interconnected ecosystem is a marvel. Our chickens not only grace us with farm-fresh eggs but provide manure, alongside our goats, that enriches our compost, nurturing the soil that enhances our thriving produce. What's left of our bountiful harvest returns to our happy animals, completing a circle of sustainable goodness.

Get Farm-Fresh Eggs

$6.50 per dozen (Non-Subscription when available)

Contact: cynthiabkaye@gmail.com 

*Our goat's milk is raw (unpasteurized milk) and should be kept refrigerated at all times. It typically has a shelf life of 7 - 10 days if kept cold.